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Photograph by ‘siclark’

This is an area that is used to discuss, share and analyse many pieces of information that can be used towards our group project in the module 380MC – Living in the Digital World 3: Global and Internation.

The purpose of this project is to  examine this ‘culture of trauma’ and to consider how a national identity can be constructed or imagined in the wake of the bloodshed of war. To compare and contrast the mainstream western media representations with alternative and indigenous representations of the Yugoslav conflict found in such forms as blogs, photographs, paintings, literature, music, etc.

Outlines that were provided to work with included to : 

Undertake a research project that considers the process of representing the trauma of war via:

  • Post-War reconstruction
  • The History and political context of conflict; memory versus history.
  • popular mainstream, western representations and constructions of the conflict in forms such as TV news broadcasts, newspaper reports, documentaries, film and television drama.
  • The notion of individual versus collective trauma.
  • How the images of atrocities circulated by these representations hold currency in the popular western imagination
  • How alternative forms of the representation of the conflict find expression in art, literature, film, documentary, music etc and the ways in which new media forms such as social networking, blogging etc have opened these forms up to wider, ie non indigenous audiences.

A lot of information on this blog is taken directly from sources, but much is also self-written by group members.

Enjoy the blog and feel free to get involved! 

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